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Welcome to Library Center of the Ozarks

We are a publicly funded library that aims to provide an array of resources and services for people of all ages and income levels.

Our Story and Mission

The library board, comprising five locally appointed members selected by the county commissioners, plays a crucial role in our community. With a deep sense of care and commitment to our region, these board members ensure that the library remains locally controlled and well-managed. Their dedication stems from a genuine desire to provide top-notch services, fostering community growth and development. Through their leadership, the library aims to offer the best-in-class resources and opportunities that contribute to the betterment of our community as a whole.

What We Offer

The Library Center of the Ozarks will directly serve the subdistricts Branson and Hollister school districts.  The library will offer a wide range of resources and services, including:

Books and Media

The Library Center of the Ozarks will host a collection includes thousands of books, audiobooks, DVDs, and more for all ages and interests.

Digital Resources

The Library Center of the Ozarks will provide access to online resources such as e-books, audiobooks, databases, and more.

Programs and Events

The Library Center of the Ozarks will offer a variety of programs and events for all ages and interests.  This can include story times, book clubs, education opportunities and more.

Community Spaces

The library will  provide rooms for studying, meeting, and collaborating. The library will be able to  also offer a wide variety of tech tools on site, including access to computers, tablets and printers. 

Built for Our Community

The privately funded Taneyhills Library transitioned to  The Library Center of the Ozarks, January 3, 2024.  The Library will operate from the site while plans are worked on to identify the new home for the proposed Library Center of the Ozarks . 

The new site will be a reflection of the rich and unique history of the region while also nimble enough to transition to serve the community and it's wide and ever evolving needs.  

All-In-One Resource Center

Access to Digital Content

Creative Spaces for Collaboration

Discover the resources and services available to you at The Library Center of the Ozarks.

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